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Heard enough Adele? The world hasn't

Mario Anzuoni / Reuters file

Have you found yourself singing along with the chart-topping British singer Adele lately? If so, you're certainly not alone.

Adele completely dominated pop music last year thanks to her album "21" and songs like "Rolling in Deep" and "Someone Like You." This mashup of 71 random covers of "Deep" offers a hint at what the singer was inspiring with her soulful sound.

All of those covers make sense when you hear that "Someone Like You" was the top karaoke song in the UK in 2011. Rolling Stone says the "heart-melting ballad ... was selected by one in four karaoke singers in the nation." Poor Axl Rose. What's a karaoke bar without every other wannabe belting out "Sweet Child O' Mine"?

With all that Adele love going around, it's hard not to link to this great "Saturday Night Live" sketch with actress Emma Stone: "Karen, stop, stop. I know you were listening to Adele's 'Someone Like You' and crying."

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