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'Hunger Games' Katniss Barbie is well-armed


Want to reenact "The Hunger Games" at home? Mattel has now revealed photos of the previously announced Katniss Everdeen Barbie doll.

Mini Katniss has her bow, quiver of arrows, thick braid and a serious look that befits the District 12 tribute. And of course, she sports her mockingjay pin on her lapel.

While she does have lovely lashes and pursed pink lips, this Barbie looks very much like Jennifer Lawrence in the movie.

The doll will be available starting in August, tied to the release of "The Hunger Games" DVD, for $30. It's meant for the adult collector, not your average Barbie buyer.

And what does Lawrence herself think of her mini-Me? She told Hitfix that when she was sent a photo by the studio, her reaction was "I'm a choking hazard?"

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