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Jesus visits Tebow, Broncos on 'SNL'

Jesus visited Tim Tebow and the Denver Broncos locker room on
Jesus visited Tim Tebow and the Denver Broncos locker room on

Turns out God is on Tim Tebow's side after all. At least, according to "Saturday Night Live."

In a sketch on Saturday's show, Jesus (Jason Sudeikis) shows up in the locker room of the Denver Broncos to take credit for their six-game win streak (snapped by the New England Patriots a day after the episode aired).

Quarterback Tebow (Taran Killam) is thrilled that God's son is paying him a visit, so much so that Jesus has to keep warning the famously religious player to keep his distance, using the language of 1950s Catholic school nuns chaperoning a school dance. "Leave some room for the Holy Ghost," he scolds a too-close Tebow.

Jesus 'fesses up to saving the Broncos game after game, saying he only assists in the fourth quarter. He suggests that Tebow cut back on the pre-game praying and Bible reading and increase his stretching and playbook study. "I could throw better, and I'm 2010 years old," he chides the QB. But he isn't all negative about Tebow: "Tim's doing his best, Dad bless 'em," he says.

Jesus then finds out the Patriots are the Broncos' next opponent, and all but backs off on helping them with that game. "If I'm the Son of God, Tom Brady's gotta be the guy's nephew," he says, later comparing New England coach Bill Belichick to the devil.

Oh, and on his way out, Jesus has one more revelation. Let's just say the Osmonds are right.

Watch the sketch below.


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