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Jimmy Kimmel mashes up Republican debate with 'Jersey Shore'

Last night on "Jimmy Kimmel Live," in the best parody of the GOP debates we've seen in a while, Jimmy Kimmel combined some of Monday's NBC/WSJ debate with everyone's favorite guilty pleasure -- "Jersey Shore."  

(Note: Clip contains both bleeped-out and not-bleeped-out language.)     

Somehow, Ron Paul ended up with the girly voice.       

But it seemed to be all about Newt Gingrich, even before the debate's heated showdown between him and rival Mitt Romney.  

Never mind sparring over Fannie Mae and immigration, Jon Stewart took Gingrich's moon conversation to ... well, the moon. During the last debate, Gingrich said confidently that if he wins, before his two terms as president end he will have 13,000 Americans in a base on the moon.

Stephen Colbert got in on the joke, too, saying the moon will become a state before Washington, D.C., does if Gingrich is elected. But before he got to that, Colbert reminded us of the most urgent matter in this race for the White House -- that it is now Day 4 of the Colbert Super PAC Hostage Crisis, but Navy SEAL Team 6 won't answer his calls.


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