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Johnny Depp, are we over you?

Johnny Depp in
Johnny Depp inWarner Bros.

OPINION:If you're a big Johnny Depp fan, you sure didn't show the man much love last weekend. Depp's most recent film, horror-comedy "Dark Shadows," appears to be headed down the road to flop-ville. Is the poor box-office performance the mark of a bad movie, or are we just kind of done with Depp?

First, let's look at the argument for the former. The meager amount that the Tim Burton vampire spoof made -- just $29 million -- could have had a little to do with "The Avengers." The superhero flick made more than $100 million the same weekend "Dark Shadows" opened; that's some serious dominance. There's also a broader issue of timing that could be at play. It's entirely possible that we're vampire-d out at this point, and that no matter who starred in "Dark Shadows," it just wouldn't have blown the roof off theaters.

But come on, folks. This is JOHNNY DEPP we are talking about. Few actors have as loyal a fan base, yet he's not reliably opening movies any more. "The Rum Diary" made only $13 million , and let's not even go into the mess that was 2010's "The Tourist." And even though "Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides" raked in a total of $241 million, it was the lowest-performing film of the franchise when it was released in May 2011.

So, as a person with no dog in this race -- I am oddly ambivalent when it comes to the man -- I propose that maybe our great love affair with the two-time Sexiest Man Alive winner is over. If he was available, would some want to date him? Sure. But if you don't like him enough to go to his movies, it's not much of a relationship. Johnny, I think we've moved on.

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