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Jon Stewart knows what Mitt Romney did last tax quarter

Jon Stewart is still AWOL.

On "The Colbert Report," a distressed Stephen Colbert called it Day 2 of the Super PAC Hostage Crisis, since "Daily Show" host Stewart refuses to give back the uncoordinated organization. To comfort the "scared money" currently held up in a blimp with the villainous Stewart, Colbert wants the PAC supporters to send more money. 

He also pointed out that Monday's debate happens to be the 18th one. And that no one cares. 

But then, in a candid conversation with occasionally controversial author Maurice Sendak, Colbert contemplated the complexity of children, the simplicity of Newt Gingrich and announced that he will be writing a children's book ... despite not liking children at all.

On "Jimmy Kimmel Live," host Kimmel got into the Oscars spirit with a nice little movie montage of Monday's GOP debate. It was completely silent and in black and white, just like leading Oscar contender "The Artist."

Kimmel also pointed out that we've known all along that Mitt Romney is rich, so it shouldn't come as a surprise now that his tax returns have confirmed it -- a topic that Jon Stewart also talked about.

In fact, Stewart spent nearly seven minutes examining Mitt Romney's tax releases, and how he justifies making nearly $57,000 a day -- more than the average American family makes in a year -- paying a tax rate on the level of "the guy who shines your shoes at the airport." 

Ouch. Forget the 1%, Romney has to explain being in the 0.006% of Americans to Florida primary voters.

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