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Jon Stewart only finds one possible running mate for Mitt Romney

Jon Stewart wonders who, if anyone, will agree to be Mitt Romney's running mate.
Jon Stewart wonders who, if anyone, will agree to be Mitt Romney's running mate.Comedy Central

It appears no one actually wants to be Mitt Romney’s vice presidential running mate. At least that’s the case Jon Stewart made on "The Daily Show" Monday night.

"Attention moves now to who will complete the bumper sticker that will soon be plastered on America's gun racks, over the fading McCain/Palin bumper sticker," Stewart said before pointing out a lack of willing contenders.

Maybe it isn’t as severe as Stewart makes it sound, but it does seem a little odd that Florida Senator Marco Rubio, Ohio senator Rob Portman and former Florida governor Jeb Bush all played hot potato with the suggestion that each of them should take one for the team and accept the vice presidential role.

"Why does being Romney's vice president now seem like a dare nobody wants to take?" Stewart wondered. "Doesn’t anybody want the rock in crunch time?!"

Yes. In fact, Herman Cain does. "I would say ‘let’s talk’" the former GOP presidential hopeful said when asked about the possibility of hopping on the Romney ticket.

And that’s not all he had to say. Cain sat down with "Daily Show" correspondent John Oliver in an interview at Pace University to reminisce on the high and lows of his time on the trail. And further displaying how much we miss his campaign antics, Cain even explained his choice of the words -- "shucky ducky" -- on that fateful day of his bid announcement. Then, somehow, he ended up talking about aliens.

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