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Jon Stewart: With Santorum's creepy ad, who needs 'Hunger Games'?

Like millions of other Americans this past weekend, Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney took his grandchildren to see "The Hunger Games." Quizzed by Wolf Blitzer about the film's violence, he admitted that PG-13 was the right rating for the film, joking "but I'm over 13 now."

On Tuesday's "Daily Show," host Jon Stewart wasn't sure why anyone would need to go see a post-apocalyptic movie when they could watch candidate Rick Santorum's new campaign ad, which featured a bleakly depressing, horror-movie-like future that shows a man putting a gas nozzle to his head in a suicide stance.

Apparently, this mythical small town in America where all these terrible things would happen -- Obamaville -- is comprised of "100 percent unhappy white people," said Stewart. "Oh my God, Rick Santorum thinks if Barack Obama gets re-elected, all of America's black people get raptured! Huh! You'd think white folks would be happier for them."

Stewart also dove into Santorum vs. Romney vs. the "gotcha media." He replayed the clip of Santorum becoming upset and swearing after a reporter asked him about calling Romney "the worst Republican" in a speech.

"Rick Santorum, social conservative, swearing at a reporter -- I think this is how he should talk from now on," said Stewart, offering up suggestions for other places where Santorum could toss out a few vulgarities.

Over on “The Tonight Show,” Romney sat down with host Jay Leno, where the front-running candidate admitted he hadn't yet put together a  list of possible vice-presidential candidates and joked that he would choose David Letterman for veep.

Leno had a list of his own, and prodded the candidate on his thoughts about popular Republican figures:

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie: "Indomitable.... a man of strong will.... I'll try for smaller words next time."

Florida Senator Marco Rubio: "The American Dream."

Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan: "Creative."

South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley: "Energetic."

Donald Trump: "Huge." That drew considerable applause and chuckles.

Rick Santorum: "Press secretary."

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