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Kiefer Sutherland suggests movie version of '24' getting closer

Cast member Kiefer Sutherland poses at the party for the television series finale of
Cast member Kiefer Sutherland poses at the party for the television series finale ofMARIO ANZUONI / Reuters

Fans of “24," are you wondering if you'll ever see Jack Bauer again? The star who played the role, Kiefer Sutherland, is dropping more hints about a big-screen version.

Speaking to Digital Spy on March 8, the actor would not confirm the status of the project, but said if his schedule allowed, he was “hopeful” a movie sequel to the popular series would be made. Sutherland is currently wrapping production of a new drama for Fox called “Touch,” which premieres on March 22, and said he would consider a revisit to “24."

"We have a fantastic script that I'm very excited about," Sutherland said. "We have phenomenal filmmakers that are interested in working with us."

In January, Sutherland told Jimmy Kimmel that production of the film would begin in mid-April, and offered more details on the premise of the feature, which will not take place in real time, but otherwise will abide by the general structure of the show.

"All of a sudden, Jack Bauer can get on a plane and you don't have to sit with him for the whole ride," Sutherland said, adding there may be a few more vulgarities than television had allowed. "The vernacular has changed...I think he'll probably only swear once, that's where we're at in the script now, but it's certainly 100 percent more than he ever got to do before."

Sutherland has also been dropping insinuations via Twitter, most recently posting a joke video with the tweet, “So, we decided to shoot the "24" movie ourselves. What do you think so far?”

Sutherland previously indicated that the character of Chloe (Mary Lynn Rajskub) will return for the movie, though no word yet on whether Tony (Carlos Bernard) will make an appearance. 

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