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Kim Kardashian calls for stricter gun laws after Texas shooting

"We have to push law makers to enact laws that are fitting in today’s world," Kardashian wrote in a lengthy Twitter thread.
Kim Kardashian speaks in Pasadena, Calif., in 2020.
Kim Kardashian speaks in Pasadena, Calif., in 2020.David Livingston / Getty Images file

Kim Kardashian called on lawmakers to pass stricter gun control measures after the school shooting Tuesday in Uvalde, Texas, which left 19 students and two teachers dead.

"I find myself heartbroken, disgusted and furious about how little has been done by law makers to enact gun laws that protect our children," Kardashian wrote in a lengthy Twitter thread Wednesday, adding that "there is no excuse and no justification for what happened."

Kardashian, an entrepreneur and reality TV star who is also an advocate for prison reform, said semi-automatic weapons and so-called assault weapons, which she described as "weapons of war," should be banned.

Kardashian, a mother of four who is studying to become a lawyer, said such weapons have one purpose: “They are sophisticated weapons, designed to kill.”

“The current laws in our country around gun control are not protecting our children. We have to push law makers to enact laws that are fitting in today’s world.”

She also said she believes the age to buy weapons should be raised. She acknowledged that mental health issues, racism, hatred and a host of other issues are factors in mass shootings and gun violence, and she said more could be done to alleviate some of those issues.

However, she said, what lawmakers can do now to create change is to adjust who has access to guns.

"There are of course people over 21 who buy guns to cause harm, and other mass shootings in recent years have been carried out by people over 21, but if we increase legal age to purchase, coupled with a ban on assault weapons, we can without a doubt reduce the number of senseless tragedies and save children’s lives," she wrote.

Kardashian said the country can't wait any longer for change.

"We can’t accept it," she wrote. "We can’t have another five years go by without effective, impactful laws put in place to protect our kids. We are parents, we are mothers, we are begging and pleading for action."