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Is Kris Humphries angry over Kardashian-themed 'GMA' interview?

NBA star Kris Humphries and his mom Debra visited
NBA star Kris Humphries and his mom Debra visitedLou Rocco / ABC

Kim Kardashian's blink-and-you'd-miss-him husband, Kris Humphries, took part in his first post-split interview on "Good Morning America" Friday morning, and now he's said to be "livid" about all of the Kardashian questioning he endured.

Just what the basketball player and reality TV star expected to talk about when he (and his mother!) showed up for what turned out to be one awkward interview isn't clear. But given the fact that, no matter what the question was, almost all of his answers took a b-ball turn, it seems his famous ex wasn't what he planned to discuss.

When directly asked about the split with Kardashian, he said, "I'm not focused on (it). Right now I'm really focused on basketball, you know? Other things will take care of themselves. It's a great day for the NBA and the fans. For most people, camp starts today."

And following several more Kardashion-related inquiries, the NBA-heavy responses, accompanied by odd, blank stares, continued. That's because, according to TMZ, Humphries had a lot of anger to hide during the chat. Allegedly, he later told pals that he felt "ambushed."

The website reports that Humphries only agreed to the segment in order to promote his charity work and his mom's cooking segment, not to talk about all things Kardashian.

A rep for ABC told TMZ that there were "no ground rules" for the interview.

What do you think about Humphries' "GMA" interview? Should he have known what to expect when he showed up, or was he "ambushed" with the Kardashian questions. Tell us what you think in the comments section below.


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