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Kristen Bell reveals 'Veronica Mars' season 4 is streaming right now on Hulu

The actress and her co-stars revealed that season 4 of the series is available to stream on Hulu a week before the announced release date of July 26.
Image: Kristen Bell, Spring Break Forever
Kristen Bell as Veronica Mars in episode 101 of "Veronica Mars.Michael Desmond / Hulu

LOS ANGELES — In true "Veronica Mars" fashion, Kristen Bell and co. had a pretty big twist in store for fans at the end of the show's Comic-Con panel.

The actress and her co-stars revealed that season 4 of the series is available to stream on Hulu today, as opposed to the previously announced release date of July 26. Earlier on, the debut episode was screened for a packed out hall and the stars talked what brought them back for more.

"We're only here because you guys kept watching us," Bell said to the crowd.

When asked about the potential of playing Veronica for more seasons, Bell said that she's willing to stay the course for along as possible.

"I'll play Veronica until everyone in Netpune is dead," she joked.

Jason Dohring, who portrays Veronica's boyfriend Logan, and Enrico Colantoni, who plays Veronica's father Keith, both received huge ovations when they emerged on stage.

Newcomer Kirby Howell-Baptiste discussed the friendship she has developed with Bell working on "The Good Place," and her excitement to rekindle that collaboration on "Veronica Mars."

"Kristen has been the meanest to me," Howell-Baptiste joked when asked about her first days on set. "It felt like going to meet your boyfriend's parents...everyone welcomed me with open arms, at the table read there wasn't even that moment of awkwardness."

Creator Rob Thomas talked about the joy of working with the cast again and how easy they are to write for.

"They take mediocre material and make it palatable, they take good material and make it great," said Thomas of Bell and Colantoni's performances. Hulu's eight-episode revival is going to do its absolute best to prove that there are more mysteries for Veronica to solve, both in her work and her personal life.

Image: Spring Break Forever
Veronica Mars (Kristen Bell), Shae (Kenna Wright), Logan Echolis (Jason Dohring), and Wallace Fennel (Percy Daggs III), appear in episode 101 of "Veronica Mars."Michael Desmond / Hulu

The new series finds Veronica back in the town of Neptune, much to her chagrin, living and working as a private investigator once again. This time, she's moved into her 30s and is living with Logan in a cozy beach-side apartment. Veronica is having a frustrating time of things in the bougie town she always wanted to leave behind, but things take a turn for the worse when a particularly nasty case involving a serial bomber targeting businesses rears its ugly head, as it always seems to do.

J.K. Simmons and Patton Oswalt are among the bigger names joining the show for season 4. The original series premiered on UPN in 2004 and helped catapult Bell to stardom.

Thomas previously talked with Variety about avoiding the new series becoming a "nostalgia show."

"Kristen says she would do it until it's 'Murder, She Wrote,' and my feeling is for us to survive in that way, more and more episodes have to be about the mystery -- about Veronica as a detective -- and less of the soap opera personal life," Thomas said.

Both Bell and Thomas revealed that they feel the latest iteration of "Veronica Mars" is only the midpoint in her story.

"I think of this as the bridge to whatever version of 'Veronica Mars' comes next," the creator said. "There are personal life things that fans of the show want to see, and if we just stripped it, people might have felt let-down. This one is trying to steer them in the direction of the mystery becoming more of the lifeblood of the show."