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Look back: When Ron Paul met Bruno

GOP presidential candidate Ron paul, left, and comedian Sacha Baron Cohen as Bruno.
GOP presidential candidate Ron paul, left, and comedian Sacha Baron Cohen as Bruno.AP, Getty Images

As Republican presidential hopeful Ron Paul rises to the top of the pack just a few days before the all-important Iowa caucuses, we thought this was as good a time as any to revisit his cinematic roots.

The Texas congressman famously appeared in the 2009 Sacha Baron Cohen comedy "Bruno," about a flamboyant Austrian fashion reporter. The character comes from the Cohen stable that also brought us Borat and Ali G, and will, in 2012, offer "The Dictator."

Paul is featured in a scene in "Bruno" in which Cohen's character interviews the congressman after his run for the presidency in 2008. After one question about what designer clothing Paul is wearing, things take a turn. The two men have to leave the interview space during a technical malfunction and they are alone in a nearby bedroom. Depending on your sense of humor -- or your politics, perhaps -- hilarity ensues:

Is this 2009 clip on YouTube, Paul laughs about the matter and how he was expecting an interview on Austrian economics, but "that didn't turn out that way ... by the time he started pulling his pants down I thought, 'what in thunder is going on here?!'" The congressman laments the fraud involved in getting the interview and says the fact that audiences buy into Cohen's "raunchy material" is a sad reflection of our culture.

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