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Man attacks reporter, grabs microphone, shouts racial slurs on live TV

Earning his 15 minutes of infamy, a North Carolina man briefly stole camera time from a local news reporter, shouting expletives onto her live broadcast.

WMBF News reports that during a live broadcast about crime rates in Myrtle Beach on April 18, WMBF-TV reporter was caught off guard when a man in sunglasses hijacked her shot, grabbing the microphone and shouting, “I’m that n----!” into the camera.

The man, later identified as 20-year-old Charlotte resident Justin Moore, was immediately arrested and now faces charges for third-degree assault and battery. He was released from jail April 19 on a bond of just under $1,400.

Taylor told the Myrtle Beach Police Department that she first noticed Moore among a group of four or five men lingering nearby as she prepared to go on the 11 p.m shoot. Soon after she began taping, Moore knocked Taylor out of the way, “nearly causing her to fall to the pavement after grabbing her microphone.”

Returning to work the following day, Taylor said, the incident “stressed the importance of paying attention to surroundings and people close by to be able to identify suspects in a crime,” and that she “experienced first hand how important victims advocates are.”

Though no one seems to be in disagreement over the inanity of Moore’s move, the assault charge has a few people questioning its validity.

“When you truly embrace your career as a reporter, it’s obvious that you are going to encounter situations in which you may face certain risks,” wrote a reader going as Normal Citizen on WMBF News. “The extent of the coverage and depths that Ashley Taylor [perceived] as being 'victimized' were excess. She was simply just shoved from her microphone, she wasn't aggressively assaulted as she makes it seem. I don't think claiming to be 'one of us' is credible in her situation.”

Adds reader nferno, “It was a stupid prank, and spending a night in jail, I can say he deserves that. But assault? C'mon now.”

Conversely, reader Ajustinmoore writes on Bossip, “He interrupted a broadcast, shoved a journalist, snatched her mic ... Anyone who thinks he wasn't supposed to be arrested for assault is an idiot. He made unwanted physical contact w/ her as he snatched her property out of her hand.”

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