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Michelle Obama has candid chat with Jon Stewart

First Lady Michelle Obama visited
First Lady Michelle Obama visitedComedy Central

Michelle Obama stopped by "The Daily Show" Tuesday night, not only to promote her new book on gardening and eating right, but to chat candidly with Jon Stewart about everything from her husband’s college years to how much she loves Vice President Joe Biden.

Amidst all the jokes about making our children eat their vegetables, Stewart asked a few questions about the Obamas as a couple, especially about how they met.

After all the media reports of President Barack Obama’s wily college years, Stewart asked the first lady about what he was like when she met the guy that would later become president.

“I think when he lost his father that was one of those click-in moments,” she said, “I think he transferred schools, went to Columbia and that's when he got really serious about thinking about how would he use his life to the fullest.”

They even got into the would-be elephant in the room between the happy couple -- the fact that the first lady has a higher approval rating than her husband. “In just marital relationships, in just arguing… how do you not use that (against him)?” Stewart laughed.

But Obama said, "I don't wield it over him." After all, she’s seen first-hand what it takes to be a president -- and her husband gets all of the hard judgment calls.

“And is it hard to raise a kid around Biden?” Stewart laughed, referring to how loose the vice president has been known to be with his language at times. “He's the uncle that comes over and you're like 'oh you brought them guns'”

Mrs. Obama laughed, but maintains that she loves “uncle” Joe Biden. “No, he's a great vice-president and a great friend. My kids hang around him, and I'm good with it. “

Meanwhile on "The Colbert Report," Stephen Colbert would like the world to know that he is much prettier than we all are.

The late-night host, who has been absent from his usual time slot for the past two weeks (and as a result couldn’t brag in real-time), came back and delivered the news that matters most to the average American: The segment called "Who’s Honoring Me Now?" -- "me" being him.

Colbert began humbly with his acceptance of his second Peabody Award for broadcast excellence, but it paled in comparison to the real honor. He is now one of the hottest women in the world.

“I am the first man to make Maxim’s Hottest Women in the World,” he boasted. “Finally these child-bearing hips are paying off! … I am the Rosa Parks of men that Maxim wants to see back up that bus.” 

According to Maxim’s list Colbert is hotter than Nicki Minaj, Sofia Vergara, and he’s even hotter than the 3.3 billion other women in the  world.  But we shouldn’t feel bad, he said, because this is proof that women don’t need to be busty or skinny to be hot. We should all just aspire to look as good as Stephen Colbert.

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