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New 'Battleship' trailer: Hit or miss?

The aliens sank our
The aliens sank our

A new trailer has been released for Universal's upcoming "Battleship" movie (yes, as in the classic board game with the little pegs), and Internet viewers are definitely not yet sold on the 2012 film.

The trailer shows giant Transformer-like aliens attacking America's ships at sea off the coast of Hawaii. Viewers of the first trailer know that Liam Neeson plays the admiral who must fight back against the invaders. His character is also the dad of model Brooklyn Decker's character and the commanding officer of her boyfriend, played by Taylor Kitsch. (Singer Rihanna plays a naval weapons specialist!)

The trailer makes the most of the film's board-game connection, immediately reminding audiences that it's "From Hasbro, the company that brought you 'Transformers.'"

Reaction on to the new explosion-packed preview was almost universally negative.

"Shia LaBeouf is looking pretty smart now to have passed on this," writes one viewer.

"Transformers on the water," says another.

The board game inspiration, of course, comes in for more than a little criticism. One Deadline reader, though, notes that since everything in the film except the title has to be made up from scratch, the fact that it's board-game-related doesn't mean it will be horrible.

Another reader hopes that Neeson will deliver the classic line from the game commercial: "You sank my battleship!" (The weapons hitting the ships do look a little peg-like.) And one fan awaits the inevitable movie version of Monopoly, noting "That'll be a long one though."

Seems pretty clear to us even as we roll our eyes at the board-game connection that a title like "Battleship" could indeed produce a good action film. But this trailer, and the one before it, which featured more of the Decker-Kitsch romance, isn't selling us.

What do you think of the "Battleship" trailer? Generic action-alien film, or some hope?

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