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Party on, Garth! Carvey up for 'Wayne's World 3'

Garth is ready to party on with a third
Garth is ready to party on with a thirdGetty Images file

Wayne Campbell (Mike Myers) and Garth Algar (Dana Carvey) did briefly reprise their seats in Wayne's basement on a 2011 episode of "Saturday Night Live." But would the two get together for a third "Wayne's World" movie? Garth says "party on," though we're not betting this will actually happen.

TMZ stopped Dana Carvey on the street last week in New York and the comedian admitted he'd be willing to sign on for another film featuring the goofy friends. Such a film couldn't be made without Myers, though, and Carvey admitted "he's pretty busy." In December, the New York Post reported that Myers was working on both a fourth Austin Powers film and a Broadway musical about the fictional British superspy.

At least he had a good sense of humor about the fact that the two Aurora, Ill. pals are getting a wee bit old to be hosting a cable-access show from Wayne's mom's basement. ""If they want, we can play 'em in their 50s," Carvey joked. "'Wayne! My prostate's enlarged!'"

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