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Paul Stanley of KISS offers fans chance to buy personally-smashed guitar

Paul Stanley of KISS with an intact guitar.
Paul Stanley of KISS with an intact guitar.REUTERS/Jorge Adorno

Die-hard KISS fans looking for the ultimate in concert memorabilia from the group's current Australian tour need search no more. Why not acquire a guitar smashed onstage "in your honor" by guitarist Paul Stanley -- for a mere $5,500?

Stanley, also a singer in the U.S. hard rock group known for its garish makeup, will also be selling the microphone he sings into for $3,000, along with special microphone and guitar combination packages, his website said.

If you purchase a KISS guitar during the Australian tour, currently underway until March 16, you also get to meet Stanley before the concert and view your yet undamaged guitar, which will be smashed that night in your honor, according to Stanley's website.

Not included in the price is your concert ticket.

"What a fantastic feeling I got seeing Paul Stanley smashing 'my' guitar at the end of an unbelievable show," gushed one fan on the website after buying a guitar during an earlier British tour.

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