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Some people from 'The Rehearsal' are now on Cameo

“Multiple people from the rehearsal being on cameo has to prove they’re actors right?" one Twitter user wrote. "Almost ruins the illusion too much”
Nathan Fielder in an episode of "The Rehearsal."
Nathan Fielder in an episode of "The Rehearsal."Allyson Riggs / HBO

Some of the main participants featured in "The Rehearsal" are now on Cameo, the app that allows fans to pay celebrities for personalized videos.

In the HBO series, created by comedian Nathan Fielder, an individual goes over a difficult conversation using different stage sets, props and actors to mimic the real-life scenario.

Since its release on July 15, “The Rehearsal” has garnered mixed reactions from critics and fans alike, with some noting the exploitative nature of making the issues of real-life people fodder for entertainment.

Some subjects now making themselves available for personalized Cameo videos include: Kor Skeete, a trivia player who was the subject of the first episode; his friend Trish (a.k.a. “Cheap Chick In The City”); Angela Sankovich, whose motherhood storyline occupies most of the show’s first season; Robbin Stone, who Angela had asked to be her co-parent to her fake son, Adam; and Cantor Miriam Eskenasy, who gives Adam, the fake son, a Jewish education at Fielder's request.

Prices for each Cameo vary. A video from Sankovich, for example, costs at least $140, while one from Skeete costs at least $55.

The irony of interacting via video with a stranger whose fame came from that very same premise was not lost on fans of the breakout TV show.

"bruh i looked up angela from the rehearsal to see if she actually had a cameo and turns out EVERYONE ELSE FROM THE SHOW HAS A CAMEO," wrote one Twitter user.

"Multiple people from the rehearsal being on cameo has to prove they’re actors right? Almost ruins the illusion too much" another Twitter user wrote.

"And who’s to say that Fielder himself isn’t behind these shenanigans?" said another Twitter user.