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A 'Price Is Right' contestant celebrated so hard he dislocated his shoulder

When the contestant arrived to spin the wheel to advance to the Showcase Showdown, host Drew Carey revealed that his wife would spin for him because of an injury.
/ Source: TODAY

This injury is pretty bonkers.

Last week, a contestant on “The Price is Right” dislocated his shoulder while celebrating after he won the game Bonkers on the show.

The contestant, Henry, had 30 seconds to guess whether each digit in the price of a trip to Hawaii should be higher or lower than what was listed. He showed he was quite adept at it because he guessed correctly almost immediately, sending him into a frenzy — and putting the “ow” in “Maui” when he began jumping up and down in celebration.

Henry was jubilant as he pumped his arms and cheered. Unfortunately, that enthusiasm came with a price he probably couldn’t guess.

When Henry arrived to spin the wheel in order to advance to the Showcase Showdown, host Drew Carey revealed that Henry’s wife, Alice, would spin the wheel for him due to an injury.

“Let me explain what happened,” he said. “This is Alice, Henry’s wife. How you doing? Henry was celebrating and going ‘Woo’ and he dislocated his shoulder.”

“He’s not going to be able to spin the wheel, but Alice is going to spin the wheel for him,” he added.

She proved to have quite the magic touch, too, spinning a 95, showing that she can definitely (dislocated) shoulder the load.

“He won a trip to Hawaii and the ER #PriceIsRight (Update: Henry is feeling better and all healed now!)” the show posted on its official Instagram page last week.

Injuries can happen on “The Price is Right.” In 2014, a contestant named Judy had to play the Showcase Showdown on crutches after she slipped and hurt her ankle spinning the wheel. Carey said she would go to the hospital after they finished taping the episode.

In 2007, Carey himself got his arm caught in a rotating device during Grocery Game before his first episode even finished taping.