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'Raiders of the Lost Ark' coming to IMAX

Great news for Indiana Jones fans!

Steven Spielberg and Lucasfilm announced today that "Raiders of the Lost Ark" is headed to IMAX theaters for a limited engagement, starting Sept. 7.

And we mean limited — one week to be exact, so be prepared to battle fellow ticket seekers the way Harrison Ford's intrepid archaeologist battled the snakes.

Is George Lucas really going to retire?

"When I saw the stunning quality of the picture and heard the enhanced sound in an IMAX theater, I was quite literally blown away and hope that audiences will enjoy the experience as much as I did," Spielberg, who directed the George Lucas-produced 1981 classic, said in a statement.

And if seeing Raiders in such high resolution only makes you want more, well... What do you know?

"Indiana Jones: The Complete Adventures," featuring all four movies and a veritable treasure trove of bonus material, including a two-part making-of documentary, comes out on Blu-ray Sept. 18.

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