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Rapper threatens to sue Rihanna's father for fraud, breach of contract

The rapper allegedly "has suffered substantial monetary damages" and wants the company to pay him $700,000, a letter from his lawyer says.

A North Carolina rapper is threatening to sue Rihanna's father, Ronald Fenty, for fraud and breach of contract.

Rapper Harvey Justice III, who goes by the name Harvey J, alleges that he signed with Fenty's entertainment company under false claims that Rihanna was affiliated with the business and that Fenty also withheld money promised to the rapper.

Justice claims in a letter from his lawyer that he signed with Fenty Entertainment, LLC, in April 2018 after Fenty and his business partner, Moses Joktan Perkins, said that Rihanna was a founding partner and played "a central role" in the company and that the business handled the singer's social media accounts.

Harvey Justice and Jamilla Mount attend an after party at W South Beach on July 17, 2015 in Miami Beach, Florida.Sergi Alexander / Getty Images for W South Beach file

Fenty created the company with Perkins in 2017.

The letter from the lawyer to Fenty also alleges that the company promised Justice a $750,000 marketing budget but he only got $50,000. Justice claims that he was told that he has not received the rest of the money because it was being held up by a "South American investor whose funds should be arriving momentarily."

Justice's lawyer, Alex Spiro, also said that the rapper gave Fenty Entertainment access to his social media accounts, including its "valuable analytics." The rapper, who is also a YouTube personality, has more than 92,000 subscribers on the video-sharing platform and over 93,000 on Instagram.

"The brazen manner in which the Fenty Parties have taken advantage of Rihanna’s name and celebrity in order to defraud unwitting third parties such as Mr. Justice, as well as additional individuals who have contacted us for assistance, leaves no doubt that if Mr. Justice did not come forward there would be others who would be taken advantage of," the letter reads.

Fenty and Perkins did not immediately return NBC News' request for comment.

In January, Rihanna, 31, whose full name is Robyn Rihanna Fenty, filed a federal lawsuit in California alleging that her father and Perkins "have egregiously and fraudulently misrepresented to third parties and the public that their company, Fenty Entertainment, LLC, is affiliated with Rihanna, and has the authority to act on her behalf."

The suit claims that Fenty Entertainment allegedly tried to book concerts for her without her permission and used her name to "to solicit millions of dollars from unsuspecting third parties." She is seeking an injunction on her father's use of the Fenty name and unspecified damages, according to the suit.

Justice's lawyer said in the letter that the rapper "has suffered substantial monetary damages" and may take the matter to court. He also wants Fenty Entertainment to pay Justice the $700,000 he is owed.