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Report: Former 'SNL' writer commits suicide

Joe Bodolai, a former "Saturday Night Live" staff writer who co-wrote the first draft of the 1992 "Wayne's World" movie, was found dead at a Los Angeles hotel on Monday after apparently committing suicide, TMZ reported.

Bodolai's body was discovered by cleaning staff at the hotel, where he had been staying about a week. When police arrived the scene, they found a bottle of antifreeze and Gatorade, according to TMZ.

In a grim bit of foreshadowing and perhaps a cry for help gone unnoticed, Bodolai, 63, had posted what seemed to be a suicide note on his website Dec. 23.

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His post -- titled "If This Was Your Last Day Alive What Would You Do?" -- includes lists of "Things I Think Will Happen Next Year" ("Snooki will have another 'book'") and "Stuff I Would Live To Have Seen In My Life" ("An American awards show being half as good as mine. Or, basically, getting a chance here. I can run a show. I can create a show"). There's also "Things I Regret," among them: "My inability to conquer my alcoholism," "The things I did because of it," and "Not fighting harder or making a better deal to stay with The Comedy Network I helped create."

Among the things of he's most proud: his two sons, and stints writing for SNL from 1981-82, and producing the sketch-comedy show "The Kids In the Hall" and the Gemini Awards in Canada. Also: "Writing the first draft of 'Wayne’s World' with Mike Myers. I kinda knew our draft was really a second movie, not an expository first reveal, but my heart wanted him to find his voice. He sure did. (The second movie? Nothing to do with me. Wow, did it suck.)."

Signing off, Bodolai wrote: "May you all have the happy lives you deserve. Thank you all for being in my life."

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