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Reporter tips over Harley during motorcycle safety segment

May is Motorcycle Safety Month, and reporter Stephanie Berzinski of WXII-TV in Winston-Salem, N.C., learned first-hand how tough the big bikes can be to handle when she tipped over a new Harley-Davidson live on the air during a safety story.

A leather-clad Berzinski, who'd taken a safety course and earned her motorcycle license, slowly drove the bike through a mostly vacant parking for the 5 p.m. live news broadcast. Riding was fine, it was parking that gave her issues. As the reporter approached the camera, she tried to stop the bike, seemingly forgot how to put the kickstand down, and ended up tipping it over, engine still rumbling. A crew member came immediately to her aid.

 “Okay, so it really isn’t as easy as it looks," Berzinski laughed. “That bike is a lot heavier than the one I was using in the motorcycle safety course. I apologize…That was not supposed to happen.”

Nevertheless, the blooper led perfectly into the segment, as Berzinski continued, “It’s still a little nerve-racking. It’s very easy to make a mistake like I just did, which is why I was very surprised to learn the motorcycle safety foundation is not mandatory. …You can see why it’s to your advantage to take that course.”

 She later wrote about the incident on her Facebook page.

“I have to laugh this one off,” Berzinski wrote. “Yes, I am forever embarrassed and yes I was totally mad at myself, but hey -- that’s live TV for you. Mistakes happen. Obviously. Either way I still passed and have my motorcycle endorsement. I think I’m gonna start off with a Vespa.”

In response, viewer Art McMorris commented, “Don't feel bad, even bikers who have been riding for years have done it.”

You can watch the segment here.

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