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See the movie poster banned in Britain

This movie poster, for "Final Destination 5," isn't exactly a work of art, but I wouldn't think of it as harmful.

The poster has now been banned by the British Advertising Standards Authority. According to the Hollywood Reporter, 13 complaints were received from parents whose children were upset by the poster.

Part of the problem is that the poster was displayed in stations on the London Underground, where people of all ages could see it.

As you can see, it shows a skull with a bunch of rebar smashing it to pieces, reminiscent of the gory deaths that come to the characters after they cheat death by surviving a bridge collapse.

It almost seems tasteful considering that some horror-movie posters get much more graphic -- "Saw 2" has severed fingers on its poster.

The standards society ruled that the poster was likely to "cause fear and undue distress" to children, and it won't be displayed in Britain again.

Is the poster scary enough to warrant a ban? Tell us in the comments.

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