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'Star Trek Into Darkness' trailer: Benedict Cumberbatch gets brutal

Benedict Cumberbatch brings a brutal touch to the new
Benedict Cumberbatch brings a brutal touch to the newParamount Pictures

Fans of the "Star Trek" franchise have been waiting for more details about Benedict Cumberbatch's villain in the upcoming "Into Darkness" sequel, but little was known about the character -- until now.

Cumberbatch was first rumored to be playing classic "Trek" baddie Khan in the film, but in December, a caption for an official still from the film revealed the character to be John Harrison, a complete unknown. A newly-released international trailer fills in the blanks.

Harrison isn't just any formidable foe -- he's a turncoat, a former top agent for Starfleet bent on destruction.

"You think your world is safe. It is an illusion," a completely dastardly Harrison teases. "Enjoy these final moments of peace."

Of course, James T. Kirk has no intention of allowing Harrison any peace at all.

"I watched you murder innocent men and women," the Enterprise's leading man warns. "I will make you answer for what you did."

But the threat of repercussions does little to dissuade Cumberbatch's character, who vows to "walk over your cold corpses."

Yikes! Watch what else the trailer reveals below:

And for fans who want another "Star Trek Into Darkness" fix, there's one more new clip out there. Just last weekend, Antonio and Andrea Toscano uploaded their all-Lego tribute trailer to YouTube.  

"Star Trek Into Darkness" opens in theaters on May 17.

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