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Steve Buscemi recreates his '30 Rock'-inspired meme for Halloween

His character on the show has long been associated with a meme that's become shorthand for a person who is out of touch or trying to act cool.
30 Rock
Steve Buscemi as Lenny Wosniak on "30 Rock." Ali Goldstein / NBCUniversal

"How do you do, fellow trick-or-treaters?"

Actor Steve Buscemi, 63, delighted meme enthusiasts on Sunday as he recreated his iconic "30 Rock" character, arguably one of the most viral reaction images ever, for Halloween.

In the 2012 “30 Rock” episode from Season 6, titled “The Tuxedo Begins,” Buscemi plays private eye Lenny Wosniak, who, in a flashback, recounts what he believes was a successful venture going undercover at a high school. The scene is a parody of “21 Jump Street.”

The meme, which first started to gain popularity after the episode aired, shows Lenny Wosniak attempting to pass as a high schooler, espousing the line, "How do you do, fellow kids?"

Both the gif and still image of the meme have become the way many people on the internet express when they think someone is out of touch or acting like a boomer.

The meme has become so prolific it spawned its own Subreddit called r/fellowkids, in which users post examples of people or corporations acting out of touch.

Many on social media relished in Buscemi's Halloween costume, as pictures of Buscemi in Brooklyn — wearing the famous red, backwards baseball cap, grey shirt, which reads “Music Band,” with a skateboard flung over his shoulder — flooded Twitter.

By Monday morning, Buscemi's name was trending on Twitter.

"Steve Buscemi went full meta last night," one person tweeted.

Another wrote, "Steve Buscemi wins Halloween this year!"

"Nothing on Halloween will top Steve Buscemi giving out candy in Park Slope while dressed as his own meme," another person tweeted.