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Taylor Swift announces new album during live chat with fans

Taylor Swift has a new album coming out Oct. 22, and she premiered a new dance-oriented single called “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” on Monday night.

That was the primary reason the pop-country songstress appeared on a live YouTube Web chat Aug. 13. The chat, which included questions from an in-house audience as well as fans from around the world via Google+ Hangout, featured Swift in a setting that recalled a presidential Town Hall event.

What won’t be news to Swift fans is that her new single was addressed to yet another former love, whom Swift called “my lovely ex boyfriend.” What’s surprising is how Swift has moved farther away from her country roots with the song and is edging closer to dance music. Her fans shouldn’t mind, though — it’s eminently catchy. The song will be part Swift’s new album, which will be titled “Red.”

And what about the inside scoop on the budding romance between Swift and her new paramour, Conor Kennedy? No one in the audience asked and Swift didn’t broach the subject. (Recent news reports have Swift buying a new home in Massachusetts near the Kennedy clan.)

Taylor Swift gets close to Kennedys with home purchase

The chat might not have been big on personal details, but it gave fans the chance to get up close and personal with Swift, if only for a short while.

“What is the most common or outrageous misconception you ever heard about yourself?” asked a fan named Agustin, who was from Montreal.

“I’m sure there are a few of them or a lot of them so I try not to read a lot about myself,” Swift replied. “Literally, my friends make fun of me because if I see my name somewhere I’ll just click off of it.

“If you read too many things about yourself that are a little bit incorrect,” Swift continued, “you start obsessing over what people think about you. So I really have no idea what the general perception is about me, which lets me live in a place that’s happier.”

The new album, Swift said, will be partially co-written with others, which she said is a deliberate change from her last album, “Speak Now,” on which she wrote all of her songs by herself.

“When it came to approaching this album, I really wanted to go back to the drawing board and think about a different way to approach it," she said. "So I thought, why not call all of my songwriting heroes? I got the opportunity to work with all of my favorite people in music.”

Swift also shed some light on what it’s like to live in the fame bubble, noting, “Everything you go and do, it’s a more social situation. Once you adjust your brain to that, it’s OK.”

Acting may also be on the Nashville-bred performer’s horizon, although she didn’t offer too many details about what movie she's considering.

Other details that emerged: Swift will be in New York around the time of the album's release, she still likes to bake and she has plans to tour in South America “in my mind absolutely.”

Swift’s new song, which will drop on iTunes and Google Play later Monday night, can be previewed in very low quality on a fan-recorded video here.

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