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'Twilight's' got over 100 problems and Bella is one, say viral video critics

If you liked how they picked apart "Skyfall," you're going to love the way the folks at Cinema Sins completely shred 2008's "Twilight." The first entry in the vampire romance franchise may have a shorter running time than "Skyfall" (sin count 61) but apparently it has nearly twice as many things wrong with it.

(Warning: Video includes bleeped out vulgar language.)

Of course, plenty of these nitpicks are editorial along with the expected flat-out continuity errors and other technical mistakes. Cinema Sins groups all failings and flailings into one batch, which include: characters who show up in one scene but not an adjoining cut; a fan blowing Bella's hair fetchingly as she walks in her classroom, despite it being a cold day; the not-so-subtle angel imagery in reference to Edward, and so forth.

They also wonder about certain story conventions, like how everybody in the sprawling school already knows Bella and her history, asking, "What is it about the pasty, introverted Bella that makes everyone so drawn to her?"

After six minutes the movie's "sin" tally is only 71. But wait: There's a bonus sequence, featuring Kristen Stewart's "Bella Noises" -- gasps, "ums" and so forth -- which ratchets the total up considerably. So stick around for the end; even non-fans of the series will want to see how far this particular stake-in-the-heart penetrates.

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