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Two of top baby names are from 'Twilight'

Isabella and Jacob are both in the Top 5 baby-name lists for 2011.
Isabella and Jacob are both in the Top 5 baby-name lists for 2011.Kimberley French / Summit Entertainment

It's no surprise to those who read our earlier story, but when the list of BabyCenter's most popular baby names was revealed this morning on TODAY, both Isabella and Jacob were high on the list.

Isabella, as in Isabella "Bella" Swan, the human heroine of the "Twilight" books and films, was No.3 on the girl name list.

And Jacob, as in smoldering Native American shapeshifting werewolf Jacob Black, was #5 on the boy name list.

We checked out BabyCenter's full list of the top 100 names for each gender and found a few more "Twilight" references. Bella itself is #26, but we didn't spot any of the other main characters' names. Give them time. We expect Edward, a long-established name before Stephenie Meyer picked it up, to get a little more popular, though doubt Renesmee will ever really take off. (In the new movie "Breaking Dawn," a pregnant Bella is mocked for inventing that as a baby name Not that that stops her.)

Am also doubting that another popular book-turned-movie franchise, "The Hunger Games," will have quite the effect on baby-name trends. Author Suzanne Collins was very creative in her character naming, and Katniss, Gale, Peeta and Prim probably have a way to go to be fully accepted by new parents.

Our TODAYMoms blog has a full post on the naming report. The Aiden-Jayden-Caden trend continues.

Do you know anyone whose name was influenced by a fictional character? Tell us in the comments.

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