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Undies to insults: Madonna's best TV moments

Madonna told Jay Leno about her Super Bowl performance plans.
Madonna told Jay Leno about her Super Bowl performance plans.

“For sure, no nipples. I wasn’t gonna go there. I mean, I don’t like to repeat myself.”

So said Madonna Monday when she appeared on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” talking about her upcoming Super Bowl halftime show performance, slated to happen this Sunday, Feb. 5.

 OK, fine -- so we know what she won’t do. The question is: what will she do?

 So far, no one’s leaked any info, but clues have emerged. Madonna recently told MTV her plans include pom poms. She also announced the video for her new single “Give Me All Your Luvin’” will premiere Feb. 3 (with a preview on “American Idol” the day before). The song includes guest appearances from Nicki Minaj and M.I.A., both of whom have said they will be with Madonna at the Super Bowl. Also, recently said his Top 40-friendly protégés LMFAO will be there.

So expect no nipples, a new song, and lots o’ guests. But anyone expecting a G-rated variety program should take heed of what the Material Mom told another interviewer recently: “I’m not going to let [being a parent] completely censor me. I say to my kids all the time, I'm an artist, this is what I do, this is what I’ve always done. And they need to learn to separate it.”

A look back at Madonna’s high-profile TV appearances makes us believe she'll do something a little wild come Sunday. Here are some of her most memorable small-screen moments:

I see London, I see France ...

Madonna went from dance diva to household name after she performed “Like a Virgin” at the 1984 MTV Video Music Awards, where she rolled around on stage revealing stockings and a garter. Children of the ’80s, this was your Beatles-on-the-Ed Sullivan-Show moment, so to speak.

Madonna insults Arsenio

1990 saw a kinder gentler Madonna on “The Arsenio Hall Show.” Just kidding! While promoting her new film “Dick Tracy,” she insulted the host’s hair, talked about enjoying spankings and used a phrase for oral sex we can’t repeat here (but you can witness for yourself at 3:20).

 Madonna upsets Letterman

The usually unflappable David Letterman got, er, flapped, when Madonna showed up, smoked a cigar and casually tossed off lots and lots of profane words. The 11:38 mark is probably the funniest instance of her potty mouth.

 Madonna kisses Britney Spears

How do you top rattling Letterman? That’s easy! By kissing a female pop star with a huge teen following! The Madonna-Britney smooch at the 2004 MTV Video Music Awards, notorious as it was, failed to make a pop chart hit out of the Madonna song the singers were performing that night. Now there’s some trivia for you: does anyone even remember what the song was? Or who the other singer Madonna kissed was? (Answers in the video clip below.)

Can Madonna top these moments during the Super Bowl? Will you be watching? Tell us on Facebook.

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