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Videos of Adele, Harry Styles stopping concerts go viral after deadly Astroworld festival

In one, a fan suffered cardiac arrest and in another, a mosh pit became especially unruly, causing performers to check and make sure everyone was OK.
Image: Adele In Concert - Auburn Hills, Michigan
Adele performs in 2016 in Auburn Hills, Mich.Scott Legato / Getty Images

In the wake of the Astroworld music festival tragedy, videos of other artists like Adele, Harry Styles and Linkin Park pausing their concerts amid unruly crowds and medical emergencies have gone viral.

Those videos drew renewed interest after at least eight people were killed and dozens more injured Friday in Houston during rapper Travis Scott’s sold-out performance when a crowd surge crushed concertgoers.

Scott addressed the deadly incident in a video Saturday, saying he could not have imagined the "severity of the situation." But many on social media criticized the rapper for not stopping the show as the tragedy unfolded, prompting some users to resurface clips of other artists doing so.

In one video shared on TikTok, singer Adele halted a concert in Sydney, Australia, after a fan suffered a cardiac arrest.

At the time of concert, a tearful Adele said: "I'm so sorry but someone got hurt and I have to check they're OK."

The video has racked up almost 2 million views as of Monday morning.

Another TikTok video showed Harry Styles stopping a performance mid-song to check on a fan, asking: "You all right there?" The clip has amassed more than 6.7 million views.

And on Twitter, a video showed Mike Shinoda, the lead singer of Linkin Park, pausing his set after seeing the mosh pit in front of the stage get unruly.

"Hold up, hold up, yo, we got a little problem up here," Shinoda said. “Sorry you guys, we gotta look out for safety first, for real. Nobody gets hurt, that’s number one. We’ll play this s---, the whole s--- again, if you guys get up, if you guys are all right. OK? Watch yourselves.”

That clip has garnered more than 6.3 million views.

In Saturday's video, Scott said he was “devastated” by the tragic events that unfolded at AstroWorld.

Although some local news outlets have begun identifying the victims, officials have yet to release the names of the deceased.

Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner said Saturday that one was 14, another was 16, two were 21, two were 23 and one was 27 and that one person’s age had not been determined.

More than 300 people were treated at an on-site field hospital, officials said. Twenty-five people were taken to hospitals. A 10-year-old child was in critical condition.

“My fans really mean the world to me, and I always just really want to leave them with a positive experience,” Scott said in the video. “Any time I can make out ... anything that’s going on, I’d stop the show and ... help them get the help they need.”