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Weatherman walks off live TV

Few people like being asked to take on extra tasks at work. But one L.A. weatherman used his live TV platform to complain about the request and then storm off the set.

Video featuring KTLA meteorologist Henry DiCarlo angrily reacting on Dec. 22's newscast has become a viral hit. In the clip, which we found at, DiCarlo begins by conducting an interview about the Toys for Tots program at L.A.'s Union Station. (The interview is cut out of the clip.)

Then he's apparently told via his earpiece that there's no longer time for him to give the weather report, and the viewers heard this live: "I’m in the communications business, and it seems like there’s so little communication," he says. "When you send a weatherman out to do the weather but you’re also sending him to do a story, you might want to give him a little extra time. But that’s just me. Anyway. Sorry we don’t have time for weather, folks, I’m just doing what I’m told, and that was to do an interview, so I’ll tell you what. We’ll have somebody else handle weather. We’ll send it back to you in the studio.” Then he's briefly seen walking out of the shot.

Anchors back in the studio react in true "Oh no he di'int!" form, with anchor Chris Schauble saying "Did Henry DiCarlo just have a fit on live TV?" and following it up with "Maybe we'll give him a little cheese to go with that whine out there."

The L.A. Times later followed up on the incident, noting that DiCarlo apologized the next morning on the station's newscast."It doesn't matter what the circumstances were — it wasn't a pretty sight for me to act like that, and I get that," DiCarlo said. "But personally, you guys have seen much worse from me, so I didn't think I was that bad."

The newscast also let Roxanne, the producer who was speaking to DiCarlo through his earpiece, have her say. "He was supposed to do the weather first, then ... he was supposed to get into the segment," she said. "I might have been yelling a little loud in his ear to get to the weather."

Both DiCarlo and the producer laughed about the incident. "Just for the record, I love Roxanne, I love everybody on the morning show," the meteorologist said. DiCarlo went on to joke that he hadn't had breakfast or enough coffee.

Comments on the L.A. Times post were split between support for DiCarlo ("Who hasn't wanted to say things like that when they feel rushed by a boss?") and those mocking him ("Prima donna weatherman is kind of an oxymoron.")

Business Insider pointed out another awkward clip featuring DiCarlo the next day. The station has a running joke about an intern, Irene, bringing coffee to the anchors, but DiCarlo asked her for a neck massage on-air as well.

Also, it's Los Angeles. The rest of the nation can give you their weather forecast without any meteorological training whatsoever. Nicer than what the rest of us are putting up with.

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