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Why no word yet on Whitney Houston's cause of death?

US singer Whitney Houston performs on stage during the 183rd edition of the TV show presented by
US singer Whitney Houston performs on stage during the 183rd edition of the TV show presented byJOERG KOCH / AFP - Getty Images file

Over a month has passed since the death of Whitney Houston on Feb. 11, and there’s still no official word on what caused it.

Sources told the L.A. Times on Tuesday the investigation still could take several weeks to close, with no specific date given for when results are expected.

Currently, investigators are awaiting the results of toxicology reports and gathering information from subpoenas issued to doctors and pharmacies. Authorities found several bottles of prescription medication in the room at the Beverly Hills Hilton where the singer, 48, was staying.

Houston’s cousin, singer Dionne Warwick, said on Tuesday she believed the pop star died of a heart attack, and wasn’t sure whether drugs played a part.

"I don't know if it's that or not,” Warwick told Entertainment Tonight. “I think her heart just gave out."

Warwick went on to recount details of the moment she heard the news of Houston’s death.

"My youngest son called me and said that Patti just called him and asked where I was,” recalled Warwick, who was told no other details except to go to the hotel. “When I got there, it was not a pleasant arrival, you know, it was just not to be believed and still is not to be believed. I'm still struggling with that, very, very much. That, um, this wonderful young lady is no longer with us, physically, but emotionally, her spirit will run around this world for the rest of our lives and all of those who thought of her in that fashion. They'll always remember her, you know, she was a good girl, she really was a good little girl."

Houston’s other family members, including her 19-year-old daughter, Bobbi Kristina Brown, opened up to Oprah Winfrey on March 11 about their own struggles to cope with the grief. It was their first time speaking publicly about the death.

Brown reportedly told friends she agreed to make the appearance because Winfrey had always been “loyal” to her mother.

The special set record ratings for OWN, Winfrey’s network, yet some viewers have remarked the host left questions unanswered.

“Where is (Bobbi Kristina's) grandmother, Cissy Houston?" wrote Roger Friedman on "Where are Whitney’s other brother and sister in law, Michael and Donna Houston? In this filmed piece, there was a close up of a burning candle from Pat Houston’s candle company, and the revelation that on the same day as Clive Davis’s party -- a day charged with tension for all performers participating, not just Whitney -- they were going to film an infomercial for Marion P. Candles, Pat’s company. Whitney Houston, the superstar, was going to be pushing scented candles on cable TV? All very weird and not explored by Oprah at all.”

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