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A woman inspired by 'The Holiday' is swapping homes with a stranger from TikTok

Rom-com filmmaker Nancy Meyers approves of Grace Gagnon's plan, which involves trekking overseas from Boston for the holidays.
Kate Winslet and Jack Black in "The Holiday."
Kate Winslet and Jack Black in "The Holiday."Columbia Pictures / Courtesy Everett Collection

Paging Jude Law.

A woman inspired by the rom-com "The Holiday" is gearing up to swap her Boston studio with a stranger's home in Europe, living out her rom-com dreams, a la Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet.

The 2006 film from Nancy Meyers remains a fan favorite, especially during the holiday season. It follows two strangers, Los Angeles-based movie trailers maker, Amanda (Diaz), and UK-based journalist, Iris (Kate Winslet).

The women meet virtually on a home swapping website, and decide to trade homes for the holidays to avoid seeing the respective men who broke their hearts. Spoiler: They end up meeting and falling for local men, Amanda for Iris' brother, Graham (Law) and Iris for Amanda's ex's friend Miles (Jack Black).

Grace Gagnon, 25, has similar aspirations.

Gagnon told NBC News that she watched "The Holiday" for the first time over Thanksgiving and fell in love with the film. Then, last week, she jokingly uploaded a video to TikTok of her apartment with “The Holiday” theme as background music.

"Anyone in England want to switch places for the holiday?" she wrote in the text that appears in the video. "I have a studio apt on Boston's waterfront."

"Serious inquiries only," she added in the caption. "Bonus points if you have a hot, single brother," she wrote, referring to Law's character.

The video has since amassed over 3 million views, and Gagnon said she has had multiple inquires from people all over the world looking to take her up on the offer.

“After going through a couple of the offers and seeing photos of people's homes I was like ‘I have to do this,'” Gagnon, who works in marketing, said.

Her plan is to still spend Christmas with her family in Connecticut. But come New Year's Eve, she'll be in Europe. She plans to reveal where exactly she is picking next week. As of Wednesday, she's narrowed down her options to Ireland, Scotland or England.

Since the first video, she's been updating her followers with more videos, including one showing her already packing her carry-on bag — with her pup inside — for her trip.

In an Instagram post on Tuesday, Meyers endorsed Gagnon's adventure.

"Good luck @grace_gagnon!" she wrote, sharing a screenshot of an article in Newsweek about her endeavor. 

"@newsweek says she’s had 3 million views of her apartment. Grace, when you get to England don’t open your door to strangers in the middle of the night! Remember, it was a movie and I knew Jude was on the other side. Have a great holiday!"

For Gagnon, getting a public message of support from Meyers was unbelievable.

"I saw it at 5:30 this morning, and I was like, ‘What the! This is crazy,'" she said, noting that she is definitely taking Meyers' advice to heart.

As she plans for her big trip, Gagnon, who has been single for about two and a half years, said she's hoping she'll find love across the pond.

"I’m fed up with dating apps, fed up with people here dating wise ... I always wear my heart on my sleeve but I think going to wherever I’m going will be a nice change of scenery," she said. "If I happen to meet my Jude Law I’m open to it. But I'm going in with mindset that I’m there to have fun."

And if she does find the one, well, Meyers may just have a premise for a sequel.