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'World War Z' trailer pits Brad Pitt against mountains of zombies

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After going way over budget and undergoing script rewrites and re-shoots, "World War Z" is finally coming to the screen -- and it looks to have all the trappings of a thrilling zombie blockbuster.

Just as director Marc Forster (of "Quantum of Solace" fame) has been working against the clock, budget problems, and unhappy producers to finish the film, so, too, Gerry Lane (Brad Pitt) must beat the odds. With only 90 days to stop a zombie apocalypse, Lane, a United Nations worker, must leave his family to hunt for clues around the globe, interview survivors, and find out how to stop the zombies.

Paramount Pictures

"I think these things have a weakness," Pitt's character says.

According to the latest trailer, which dropped Monday, something in Russia may hold the key. As Lane says "weakness," the trailer shows a boy crouching as zombies run past him, paying him no attention even while destroying everything else in their path. So what exactly is the secret then? It’s tough to tell, but Lane must leave his family to find it.

Naturally, there are some stunning visual effects, such as when a plane is blown open in flight, à la the "Iron Man 3" trailer. There are mountains of fast zombies, which are nothing like those in "The Walking Dead" or the original "Dawn of the Dead" films. No, the "World War Z" zombies move, climb and destroy with incredible pace. In fact, the newly released poster has a whole swarm (herd? gaggle? army?) of zombies piled atop one another, mercilessly pulling a helicopter out of the sky.

And, of course, lest we forget, there’s also the genre's hallmark: super serious dialogue. "I can’t leave my family," Pitt’s character says. "Don't pretend your family is exempt when we talk about the end of humanity!" a stern officer volleys back.

Over-the-top dialogue aside, the trailer shows that "World War Z," based on Max Brooks' novel of the same name, straddles action and mystery with equal importance. And we can’t wait to follow Brad Pitt and company along for the ride.

The film hits US theaters on June 21.

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