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You can't handle the birthday: Jack Nicholson turns 75

Happy 75th birthday, Jack Nicholson!

Nicholson has been acting since the 1950s, and in each decade, he's delivered performances that are unforgettable, left images behind that are indelible, delivered lines or whole speeches that we quote for years after.

In honor of his big day, here are just a few classic Jack Nicholson moments. (Some have adult language.)

'The Shining,' 1980

Here Nicholson took a friendly late-night talk show line and turned it into a thing of terror.

'A Few Good Men,' 1992

Did you order the Code Red? You want answers? You can't handle the truth! A little nudging from Tom Cruise, and Nicholson was off and running, with one of the great speeches in movie history.


'Chinatown,' 1974

It's been called one of the greatest films ever made, and Nicholson as L.A. P.I. Jake Gittes is a big part of the reason why. 

'Five Easy Pieces,' 1970

Nicholson just wants a plain omelet, tomatoes, coffee and a side order of wheat toast. Why is that so difficult?

 'One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest,' 1975

Nicholson's relationship with Louise Fletcher in this film helped make Fletcher's character's name, Nurse Ratched, synonymous with any merciless figure in power.

 We couldn't possibly include all of Nicholson's great bits. Tell us your favorite scene on Facebook.

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