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Alec Baldwin Makes First Post-Election Appearance on 'Saturday Night Live'

Baldwin portrayed a president-elect in over his head, and willing to abandon campaign promises upon being told how hard they would be to accomplish.
Alec Baldwin as Donald Trump
Alec Baldwin as Donald TrumpNBC

Alec Baldwin returned to "Saturday Night Live" to play Donald Trump for the first time since the election — but the president-elect apparently didn't see the funny side.

After the show portrayed the president-elect as a man in over his head, Trump tweeted early Sunday that he had seen parts of the show and declared it "totally one-sided, biased" and had "nothing funny at all."

Alec Baldwin, who portrayed Trump on the show, responded in a tweet of his own to the president-elect's request for equal time. "Election is over," Baldwin wrote. "There is no more equal time."

The show began with Baldwin's President-elect Trump appearing uncharacteristically anxious, at one point chanting the mantra "Big beautiful boobs and buildings" to ease himself out of a panic attack after Googling to find out what ISIS is and after asking Siri how to kill them.

Baldwin's Trump is also quick to throw away all of his pre-election promises when put to task.

"Scrap it," Trump says when told it will be hard to find and deport 11 million undocumented immigrants.

"Let's just keep it," he says when told a lot of people actually like Obamacare.

"Don't do it," he says of it being hard to hire a special prosecutor to put Hillary Clinton in jail. "Scrap it. She didn't do anything. Scraaapped!"

"Oh, God. Oh, God," Trump panics when informed how much building a Mexican border wall will cost. "Don't worry, Donald. It will be OK. Hillary is sill ahead in the polls," he tells himself.

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It was a departure from Baldwin's previous portrayal of Trump as an increasingly intense braggart. One thing that was unchanged in Saturday's show was Baldwin's comedic chemistry with Kate McKinnon. The pair once again shared the screen in the night's cold open, but this time she was playing Trump senior adviser Kellyanne Conway instead of his political rival.

“I wouldn't be president without you," Trump tells Conway.

"I think about that every day," a put-upon Conway replies.

Before the election, Baldwin expressed a desire to be done with regular performances on the show, but that he would consider returning if Trump won.

Fans worried when he did not show up to play Trump last week for the first time all season, but Baldwin said at a gala this week that he just was not available that Saturday, but plans to appear on the show "every now and then."