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Jon Stewart’s Final ‘Daily Show’: A Look at Some Key Stats

Jon Stewart Says Goodbye After 16 Years as ‘The Daily Show’ Host 2:17

Jon Stewart, the master of late-night political satire, bids farewell to "The Daily Show" on Thursday night after 16 years as host. Here's a look at some facts and figures that represent Stewart's comedic legacy:


The date Comedy Central debuted “The Daily Show with John Stewart”


Episodes of the show Stewart has hosted.

$25-$30 million

Jon Stewart’s reported current annual salary for hosting “The Daily Show”.


Emmy nominations the show has earned. It has won 20.


Year Stewart was named an Entertainer of the Decade by Entertainment Weekly.


Number of times President Obama has appeared as a guest on the show.

3.577 million

Number of viewers who tuned in to the top-rated episode, when Obama made his 4th visit just ahead of the 2008 elections.

Image: Jon Stewart poses for a portrait
Jon Stewart Victoria Will / Invision via AP file


The approximate number of unique guests Stewart has had on his show, according to analysis by FiveThirtyEight.


Increase in viewership Stewart enjoyed the night he announced his retirement compared the week prior.

17 years

Difference between “Daily Show” viewers’ median age in 2000 (29-years-old) compared to today (46-years-old), according to media buyer Horizon Media.


Share of viewers holding a college degree or higher in 2012, compared to 24% for Fox News and 19% for daytime talk shows.

$1.5 million

Commitment Comedy Central reportedly asked companies to make in order to have an ad appear in tonight’s final episode—a 30-second spot costing $230,000, plus additional advertising across other Viacom entities.


Historically, the average cost of a 30-second spot on “The Daily Show”.

1 hour

The duration of tonight’s finale. Twice the laughs. And twice the advertising.