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Beloved TikTok corgi and owner have been separated since Russia invaded Ukraine

Anastasia Koshevaia said she left her pup Chopa with her parents when she left Ukraine in February.
Anastasia Koshevaia and Chopa the Corgi.
Anastasia Koshevaia and Chopa the CorgiCourtesy Anastasia Koshevaia

The owner of a TikTok-famous corgi is hoping to reunite with her beloved pup soon after leaving him with her parents in Ukraine in the aftermath of the Russian invasion.

Anastasia Koshevaia and her pup Chopa, who have 153,800 TikTok followers on their account, haven't seen each other since February, as first reported by Insider.

“A couple days before the war, my boyfriend and I went abroad for his work and left Chopa with my parents,” Koshevaia, who is living in Poland with her boyfriend, said. “We always do it when we leave and cannot take Chopa with us.”

Now, returning to Ukraine would be too dangerous, Koshevaia said.

Before Russia invaded Ukraine, Koshevaia's TikTok account portrayed an idyllic life with Chopa. Her videos featured her adventures with the corgi, from taking him out for elaborate picnics to playing in the snow. She even threw birthday parties for Chopa, who will be 3 years old this month.

Since the invasion, however, Koshevaia's TikToks have shifted from lighthearted videos about Chopa to more videos about the invasion.

In one video viewed 8.6 million times, she compiled clips of her life before. She's also posted videos trying to dispel Russian propaganda about the invasion, and said that Ukrainian civilians did not need to be liberated.

“My family and my dog are still in Ukraine, and they don’t have [the] opportunity to leave the country,” Koshevaia said in a TikTok posted earlier this month.

Koshevaia's parents send her updates on the corgi every day. There are "no hostilities" in her parents' town near Kyiv, so she said they've been safe. Still, she worries about her family's safety.

"A rocket fell on the outskirts of their city a couple of days ago," Koshevaia said. "I was very scared. Every night when I go to bed I am afraid to wake up and see bad news about my family."

If their city becomes unsafe, her family plans to relocate further west in Ukraine. For now, Koshevaia said that Chopa is enjoying life in her parents' care.

Koshevaia posts clips of Chopa's life from the videos her parents sent her. She said she FaceTimes them every day and sends them money for Chopa's food and toys.

"Chopa even reacts a little to my voice, but does not understand where I am," she continued. "I'm sad that I'm not with my dog. I haven't seen him for a month, I have never been without my dog for so long."

Koshevaia and her boyfriend plan to relocate to Spain, she told Insider. If Russian forces leave the vicinity of her parents' home, she wants to go back for Chopa.

"It's been very hard for me," Koshevaia said. "I want to go home."

In the meantime, the support from her followers has helped her both emotionally and financially.

As she awaits to one day reunite with Chopa and her family, Koshevaia continues to make content about her pup.

In a recent video, she shopped for birthday presents for Chopa and said she plans to send it to her parents.

"He is happy there, despite the war," she added. "Maybe he misses me, but my parents do everything to make him feel good."