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Joe Jonas goes trainspotting with TikTok creator Francis Bourgeois in an unexpected collab

Bourgeois, known for his wholesome videos about trains, posted a video with Jonas on Wednesday.

It's the collab no one expected.

Francis Bourgeois, a UK-based influencer who became popular for his videos enthusing about the railroads that run through the British countryside, and Joe Jonas went trainspotting. And documented it.

Their video, posted Wednesday, both amused and baffled their fans.

"I'm trainspotting on the West Coast Main Line today with my friend Joe," Bourgeois says in the video, which was posted to both their accounts. "Joe's come from America."

Jonas then waves at the incoming train, and Bourgeois launches into his signature exuberant giggling at the trains passed by.

Bourgeois' videos about trains are beloved on TikTok, and although fans were confused by the collaboration, many found it wholesome.

One commenter described it as "the best and most unexpected crossover."

Another joked that "That Joe guy from America is going to be famous now that Francis is his friend."

“The pure joy that he has is contagious,” another commenter wrote.

Others on Twitter also pointed out the seemingly random, but delightful meet-up.