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TSA Instagram post about airport security proposal gets mocked online

A couple got engaged while in line for the airport security check. The now-removed post congratulating them went viral for all the wrong reasons.

An airport security proposal went viral for all the wrong reasons.

In a now-removed Instagram post, the Transportation Security Administration congratulated a couple who got engaged while in line for an airport security check at Reno-Tahoe International Airport in Nevada.

According to the caption, a man reached out to airport management to plan a proposal for his girlfriend.

"Everyone dreams of a security proposal, right?" the caption read. "Shoes off, rings on! ... We can't think of a safer place to propose than in security!"

The post also recommended private security checks for those concealing a "secret rock" before a potential proposal. It also suggested giving newlyweds the gift of a TSA PreCheck membership, which entitles passengers to faster security check-ins and other perks.

The Instagram post appeared to have been removed Tuesday. A representative for the TSA said the post was taken down for the couple's privacy.

Many Instagram users congratulated the couple in the comments before the post was taken down, but it received backlash on other social media platforms.

Twitter users mocked the location of the proposal as inappropriate and unromantic.

"I am struggling to think of a less romantic place for a marriage proposal than the TSA line," a Twitter user wrote.

Others joked about the inconvenience the proposal could have caused for other passengers.

“Imagine being late for your flight and some guy decides it’s time to propose,” writer Thor Benson tweeted.

“I don’t care if you’re the love of my life. If you propose to me in a TSA line, we’re over," another Twitter user wrote.