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Celebrity science quiz

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  was Leonardo da Vinci

  in the news?

Where can you find Stephen Colbert, President Obama, Cleopatra and Leonardo da Vinci all in one place? The Technology & Science section here at, of course. All these celebrities, past and present, were in the news over the past week.

The big question is, why were they in the news? Let's make that 10 big questions. Today, we're rolling out the celebrity edition of's Science and Space Quiz - or the Sci-Q test for short.

It's been a while since we've had a fresh Sci-Q test, but we're going to revive it as an end-of-the-week feature - OK, maybe not every week, but often enough to keep your Sci-Q skills sharp.

One of the best things about the test is that we link to the stories you've missed. You can read up on the week's developments, take the quiz again and impress your friends with a 100 percent score.

But wait, there's more: Feel free to use this Sci-Q posting as an "open mike" (or is that "open mic"?) for your comments and questions about space, science, exploration and innovation. Maybe you've got a comment about a story appearing on (like goat-cloning or polar bear bites, perhaps?). Maybe there's something you've seen somewhere else that you want to point out (like the latest alarm bells about NASA spaceflight). Or maybe you just want to register a suggestion for future follow-up (for example, whatever happened to that "backward causality" research project?).

Got something on your mind? The floor is yours. Just leave a comment below.