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The Face on Mars ... and more

Today's a big day for squares, sisters and faces in space ... and we're not just talking about the parties to celebrate Yuri's Night. Researchers explained what gives the Red Square nebula its extremely symmetrical shape, as reported in this story from our partners at Meanwhile, NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope has come out with a colorful infrared image of the Pleiades, also known as the Seven Sisters. (I do hope you're able to see Venus and the Sisters in the heavens.) And the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter has delivered a fresh look at an old favorite, the Face on Mars. Click on the links below for the highlights:

• HiRISE: Orbiter's camera steals a peek at the Face on Mars

• Spitzer takes a feathery picture of the Seven Sisters ...

• ... And sheds light on a mystery of galactic proportions

• CICLOPS: Shifting strands around Saturn