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The loud-noise tour

As NASA prepares for the shuttle Discovery's launch, you can expect to see a delegation of dignitaries down at Kennedy Space Center in Florida - led by Vice President Richard Cheney and his wife, Lynne. NBC News quotes administration sources as saying that the Cheneys are due to take in Saturday's launch as well as the the Pepsi 400 NASCAR race in Daytona, then head back to Washington for Independence Day.

That schedule may be all wet, however, if stormy weather delays the shuttle launch. In that event, the Second Family might have to miss out on a roar even louder than a NASCAR engine. But I'll still be down there, waiting for Discovery to take flight. I'll try to keep this old log updated from Kennedy Space Center, dependent on time and bandwidth.

For the whole story of the shuttle mission, check out our "Return to Flight" special section, and take a look at the discussion on MSNBC's Technology & Science message board. If you have any burning questions about the space program or the shuttle flight, leave them as comments here and I'll see if I can get them addressed - again, dependent on time and bandwidth.