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Myths busted on the Web

The bad news about last week's Bigfoot news is that, by all appearances, the claims about finding an actual corpse of the long-sought monster are bogus. The good news is that it didn't take all that long to bust the Bigfoot myth. The Internet lends itself easily to putting forth all sorts of tomfoolery, but more and more folks are using online communities to track down the truth as well.

The most reliable sources for checking Internet myths and downright scams are the folks at, home of the Urban Legends Reference Pages. The Discovery Channel's MythBusters have also made a name for themselves, and there are many more on the Web. Here are a few other myth-busting sites to sample:

... And for what it's worth, I'm tanned, rested and ready after a weeklong sojourn in California. Regular postings to Cosmic Log will resume on Tuesday.