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Sex in space? Don't ask, don't tell

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy News flash! Astronauts keep it professional in space! When veteran NASA spaceflier Alan Poindexter was asked during a visit to Tokyo what would happen if astronauts had sex in space, he emphasized that he and his colleagues were "a group of professionals." "We treat each other with respect and we have a great working relationship," Poindexter, who commanded a space shuttle mission to the station in April, was quoted as saying. "Personal relationships are not ... an issue. We don't have them, and we won't." Those comments have been reverberating around the Internet for the past couple of days, and MSNBC's Keith Olbermann delved into the subject tonight on his show (with professional advice from Franklin Institute astronomer Derrick Pitts, as you'll see in the video above). We've delved into the sex-in-space issue morethanonce, and the bottom line is that it's not the sort of thing NASA talks about publicly. I can imagine, however, that dealing with such bodily needs is the sort of thing that astronauts talk about ... just as they probably trade tips on toilet etiquette and other unmentionables relating to life in space. What do you think?