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What to do in the event of nukes

Get your daily dose of science, including advice for surviving a terrorist nuke attack, in just a few minutes: What should Washingtonians do if a 10-kiloton nuclear device goes off in the nation's capital? Stay put in your basement. That's what Stanford researchers conclude in a report in the journal Risk Analysis. They say about 80,000 people would die in the event of an emergency evacuation — but that number would be reduced by about a third if folks just took shelter in their basement or near the middle of a large building. "The logistical challenge of an evacuation appears to be beyond current response capabilities," study author Lawrence Wein says in a Stanford news release. Which also happens to be the conclusion reached by the researchers who wrote the script for "Independence Day."More findings on the Web: Meteorite contains shrapnel from a supernova that occurred as our solar system was being born. Discover magazine provides a handy how-to guide for discovering subatomic particles. Go to it, geeks! The New Yorker profiles the woman behind 'The Secret' and 'The Power.'