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What to get a geek

WowWee via MarketWire
Tri-bot is among the

latest entrants in the

robotic toy market.

It's hard to know what to buy for a science geek - so hard that we're offering geeky prizes for the best holiday gift idea.

Here's the drill: Submit your gift suggestions or reviews as comments at the bottom of this item.

I'll select a list of finalists next Tuesday, and leave the winning gift choice for you to decide in a future blog posting.

The winner as of 3 p.m. ET Dec. 8 will receive his or her choice from a grab bag of goodies, including:

Any goodies that the winner doesn't want will be offered to the second-place finisher, and so on. I just might add some goodies to sweeten the pot for the also-rans.

If this sounds familiar, that's because we did something similar a couple of years ago for our holiday geek gift guide. (The winner was the nuclear-powered spinthariscope toy.) To get yourself in the holiday mood, I'm serving up a load o' links - starting with the gift guides from previous years:

As for this year, there are already enough recommendations out there on the Web to fill the space shuttle's cargo bay, including:

If you're looking for still more ideas, the GeekDad blog is already well into the holiday season. And of course there's BBspot's Geek Gift Guide. The mother of all lists would have to be Make Magazine's photo coverage of the NYC Toy Fair. Magnet blocks! Robo-bugs! Laser strategy games, retro science kits and chemistry sets! It looks like a geek's paradise.

But enough of stealing ideas from other bloggers: Now it's time to steal ideas from you. Please feel free to add your suggestions and mini-reviews below, but make sure your comments are short and insightful. Brevity is the soul of wit, and a little bit of both will earn you extra points in this contest.