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Jell-O shots from the dawn of time

A Jell-O shot with bugs? These "Mesozoic" shots look like prehistoric bugs trapped in amber ... and contain real edible bugs.
A Jell-O shot with bugs? These "Mesozoic" shots look like prehistoric bugs trapped in amber ... and contain real edible bugs.My Jello Americans

Jurassic bugs trapped in amber? Actually, these are edible bugs trapped in alcohol-laced gelatin. Take some Crick-Ettes (dried crickets that come in three seasoned flavors), mix with gelatin, maple syrup, rum and Snap ginger-flavored liquor, chill into suitably amberish shapes ... and savor the Mesozoic moment. Heck, you could even dispense with the booze altogether and use ginger extract instead, to create non-alcoholic treats suitable for a dinosaur-themed birthday party. The Mesozoic shots were created by "My Jello Americans," a three-woman team of Jell-O shot artists named Maureen Sheehan, Corinne Kete and Megan Booth. Some of their shots look like deviled eggs or bacon-and-eggs, others like Neapolitan ice cream sandwiches, still others like corncobs. Frankly, they look too good to gulp. Are there more science-themed shots in the works? "We would love to do more," Kete told me today. "That's definitely where Maureen's interests lie." Kete revealed that "Star Trek" shots are in the works. (Gobble the red-colored Jell-O first.) How much of each of the ingredients should be used? Sheehan and Kete leave such questions open to experimentation. Others have made a study of this, however. The geeks behind the "My Science Project" website made more than two dozen batches of Jell-O shots with varying proportions of vodka and found that you could up the alcoholic-beverage content to 76 percent by volume (19 ounces of vodka to 3 ounces of gelatin mixture). You could go even higher with sugar-free gelatin (89 percent vodka). I don't advise that you try this at home. Go for something safer ... like nailing Jell-O to a wall. Tip o' the Log to Joel Johnson at Gizmodo.Visit the brand-spanking-new Cosmic Log page on Facebook and hit the "Like" button. You can also follow @boyle on Twitter. And if you really want to be friendly, ask me about "The Case for Pluto."